Motivate people to download Disha app

Vijayawada: Police Commissioner Kanti Rana Tata wished all members of the Mahila and Mahila Mitra Police in the village / neighborhood a Happy New Year. He applauded the work done by them in collaboration with all Vijayawada City Police Stations.

On the occasion of the New Year, the Police Commissioner organized a meeting with the Mahila police and members of Mahila Mitra from the city on Sunday at the city police office and conveyed greetings to them. He cut a cake on the occasion.

All SHOs within the jurisdiction of the Vijayawada Police Commissioner were instructed to carry out the program in collaboration with the Mahila Police and members of Mahila Mitra.

The PC instructed all the participants to visit all the houses within its boundaries and have citizens install the Disha app and explain the importance of the app in case of emergencies. In addition, they were briefed on how to collect comprehensive information on unscrupulous activities taking place inside the police station, suspicious newcomers, criminals, harassment and illegal activities, thieves, robbers and the Cheddi gang that has caused a stir in the city of Vijayawada in recent times.

Village / District Secretariat Mahila Police and members of Mahila Mitra, together with police personnel, were asked to organize meetings with apartment societies and people living in isolated locations to dispel fear in the public and make them aware of the measures that the police have initiated for the safety of the population. public.

Police Commissioner Tata sought the views of the village / neighborhood Mahila Police and Mahila Mitra members, who participated in the meeting. Members of Mahila Police and Mahila Mitra extended their New Years wishes to the Police Commissioner and said they are happy to be a part of him and to work with the police system.

D Mary Prasanthi IPS, DCP (Administrator); Baburao IPS, DCP (West Zone); KVVN V Prasad ACP (special branch); VV Naidu ACP (Disha Police Station); Venkateswarlu ACP (Southern Division); and other policemen have participated in the program.


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