NEET question paper leaked for Rs 35 lakh in Jaipur, 8 arrested- The New Indian Express

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JAIPUR: In a shocking incident in Jaipur, the NEET questionnaire was leaked after a young man took a photo with a mobile phone and sent it to two other people in Sikar. The interrogation papers were found on his mobile phone and the Jaipur police arrested 8 people, including a girl, from the examination center at the Rajasthan Institute of Engineering and Technology.

DCP Richa Tomar said that the Rajasthan Institute of Engineering and Technology (RIET) was the testing center for NEET. The exam was from 14 to 17 hours on Monday. Four police teams were formed to deal with the culprits.

Ram Singh, one of the defendants, said that his acquaintance Navratna runs an academy in Bansur while his friend Anil Yadav runs E-Mitra. The center of his neighbor Sunil Yadav’s niece, Dhaneshwari, was the RIET itself. Then a deal was made to send the newspaper for a sum of 35 lakh rupees. The work was sent by taking a photo from the mobile. His uncle was sitting in the car with 10 lakh rupees, who was later arrested.

Pankaj Yadav and Sandeep solved the questionnaire and sent the answer sheet to Ram Singh and Mukesh Samota University Administrator, who gave it to Samota Dhaneshwari. The police confiscated Dhaneshwari’s questionnaire and answer sheet. The hard copy was later retrieved from Ram Singh.

Ram Singh and Mukesh Samota had sent the newspaper to Pankaj from mobile. Pankaj Yadav sent that document by mobile phone to Sunil Rinwan and Dinesh Beniwal in Sikar. He got an expert teacher to solve the document and the document was leaked in Jaipur and Sikar. Now the police team has gone to Sikar to catch Sunil and Dinesh.



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