New 2023 Mini 3-door Hatch: new look leaked in online images

New images leaked online give a good glimpse of what appears to be the next-gen 3-door Mini Hatch.

The shots, which appear to have been taken at a private testing facility in China, first appeared in Chinese media, but are now circulating widely on social media (as shown below).

The new MINI Mini released official images of a prototype for the next-gen Mini, hinting at a subtle styling evolution for the rival Fiat 500.

But it’s clear that underneath the camo, there are more radical design changes to the cards, particularly at the rear, where eye-catching angular light clusters replace the round elements on the current car and are joined by a new piece of black trim that stretches across the width of the car. boot lid.

The front end is also clearly distinguishable from the current Mini range, but retains the wide bar along its large grille and characteristic round headlights.

What’s not immediately clear is whether Mini has taken steps to ‘shrink’ the fourth-gen hatch, as has long been reported to be the priority.

These shots only show the exterior from selected angles but, as with previous official images, the indication is that the next generation will feature largely familiar proportions.

The leak also hints at Mini’s new-age interior design spirit. True to form, the Mini hatchback features a large round center display, although a front display appears to have replaced the conventional cluster of gauges on the steering wheel, which adopts a new two-spoke design.

While the combustion engine version of the upcoming Mini hatchback, due to launch in 2023, will be built in Oxford, the electric version will be made by BMW’s Chinese joint venture partner Great Wall Motors.

The petrol variant will use the new front-drive FAAR architecture, which is essentially an evolution of the current car UKL platform. Mini has yet to confirm or preview plans for a five-door version, but a convertible will be built in the UK from 2025.

A spokesperson for BMW UK declined to comment on the leaked images.

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