New Dieselpunk Halo Infinite Armor Core Leaks

The Armor Core for the upcoming Halo Infinite Multiplayer season has apparently been leaked, showing a heavy dieselpunk-inspired Spartan.

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Infinite haloThe samurai-themed special armor core, Yoroi, received a swarm of backlash when it was released during the Fracture: Tenrai event. With another five months before the next season of Infinite halo Multiplayer, your Armor Core may have leaked recently, showing off a brutal, industrialized Spartan.

As Halo 3Spartan customization has been an important component of the franchise’s multiplayer experience. After struggling to find an art style that would suit the majority of fans, 343 Industries has seemingly nailed the Spartans look in Halo Infinite. Through events called Fractures, 343 Industries is able to introduce more outlandish, non-canon armor sets, which were first seen in Halo: The Master Chief Collection, and then on Infinite halo with the Yoroi Armor Core in Fracture: Tenrai. The launch of the event was not entirely planned, with fans complaining about the limited customization and progression options, although 343 Industries has implemented changes for future appearances of the event.


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Infinite haloThe upcoming Armor Core may be called Iron Eagle with a design that is heavily inspired by dieselpunk. This information comes from Infinite halo The leaker and data miner, HaloNoticiasMX on Twitter, who in two tweets reveals the full body of Iron Eagle and the helmets that players can expect to obtain. For those unfamiliar with the term dieselpunk, it describes a style that uses attributes of diesel-based technology from the early and mid-20th century with more modern representations of technology such as robots and vehicles. The Iron Eagle Armor Core, then, is not very flashy, it appears that each component was hand-welded and held together by bolts, tubes, and diesel.

While the helmets are currently unnamed, they help provide a better idea of ​​what the Iron Eagle Armor Core is aiming for. As many in the comments point out, the first helmet shown here is very reminiscent of FallPower Armor (also dieselpunk inspired) with its super slim visor and lower breathing apparatus. Similarly, the following helmet conjures up images of the Rocket ship with its two distinct eye slots and finn-shaped centerpiece that extends up the middle. The latter two helmets draw heavily on World War dieselpunk inspirations, the former resembling an MJOLNIR version of a WWI infantry helmet, while the other conjures up imagery of a welder’s guard.

Stepping out of the Yoroi Armor Core, the Iron Eagle features an exciting and quite different aesthetic from that samurai-themed armor. For example, how Fracture: Tenrai suggests what samurai would look like if they were Spartans, whatever this Fracture is ultimately called, it asks a similar question, what would Spartans look like if the technology were a little more raw. Seeing that 343 Industries brought a litany of other historically themed armor sets to Halo: The Master Chief CollectionIt only makes sense for the studio to start venturing into more fictional inspirations like dieselpunk. As long as these items are winnable, 343 Industries can have a winner on their hands.

Infinite halo is available on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X / S.

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