New iPhone Leak Confirms Controversial Apple Design Decisions

We already know a lot about Apple’s upcoming iPhones with updates ranging from exciting to late and highly controversial to totally unexpected. But now the plans for two of Apple’s biggest iPhone design decisions have just gained a lot of weight.

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Respected Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman used his latest PowerOn newsletter to reiterate two major design enhancements coming to Apple’s 2022 iPhones. And both are likely to be controversial.

Unwanted 2022 iPhone SE update

First, Gurman says that Apple will launch a third-generation iPhone SE “in the first half of the year” and its main change will be the incorporation of 5G. Given the mixed performance and (still) limited availability of 5G, this is unlikely to be high on the priority list for Apple fans shopping on a budget. It can also negatively affect battery life, given the small size of the iPhone SE (the design again has not changed) and the higher power consumption of 5G. But this update is yet to come, whether buyers really want it or not.

iPhone 14 copies the competition

Second, Gurman confirms that Apple will introduce a “revamped lineup of iPhone 14s with a notch the size of a hole in the fall.” The language of this update is interesting because respected industry insider Ming-Chi Kuo has previously stated that Apple is looking to introduce the punched hole in all models “if product performance allows.” This news is in contrast to leaks from other sources who had claimed it would be limited to Pro models.

The switch to a drilled hole would not be without controversy either, given that the design change will copy a move that Android rivals already made several years ago, something not all Apple fans want to see. In recent years, Apple has also tried to differentiate itself by using a silhouette for the notch for marketing, even going so far as to introduce it to its new MacBook Pro range despite having no obvious functional reason to do so. Moving the iPhone 14 range to a drilled hole would make these new high-end laptops look pretty silly.

That said, Gurman’s news lines up with a recent report that LG has already signed a contract with Apple to supply perforated displays for the iPhone 14 line and Apple chose the ‘Low Temperature Polycrystalline Oxide (LTPO) thin film transistor. (TFT) OLED panels ”with 120Hz refresh rate.

IPhone emotion building

Whether you’re on board with any of these updates or not, there are clearly growing reasons to be excited about Apple’s upcoming 2022 iPhones.

Since the current iPhone SE was released in 2020, there have been major performance and camera improvements to the iPhone lineup and with Apple borrowing parts of existing iPhones for its SE models, major updates are overdue here. The current iPhone SE uses a module-based camera system within the iPhone 8.

Regarding the iPhone 14 range, in addition to the new perforated design, Apple will introduce a large and inexpensive ‘iPhone 14 Max’ and leakers also claim that the company will belatedly restore Touch ID (along with Face ID) and finally move to USB. -C due to increasing regulatory pressure. Early renders also point to brand-new cameras, larger batteries and a titanium chassis (the latter is exclusive to iPhone 14 Pro models) and a radical move to remove the SIM card.

If you’ve been hesitant about upgrading to an iPhone 13, now it might make more sense to wait.


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