New Pagani C10 supercar shown in leaked image

After more than a decade since the launch of the Pagani Huayra, many have eagerly awaited its replacement. After numerous variations on the Zonda and Huayra (codename C9), the rumored Pagani C10 will be a completely new design for the Italian supercar maker, and this image is believed to be a representation of what the third Pagani model might look like.

Leaked online via an anonymous Instagram account but subsequently deleted, the image has spread across the internet and sparked great interest in Pagani’s next move, and whether the company will confirm that this is indeed its new model.

Accompanying the rendering was a photo of what is said to be a document aimed at potential customers, which could mean that the rendering originates from a past presentation or sales event.

The low resolution image shows a car that exhibits some typical Pagani design cues, with clear cues of style developed from both the Zonda and the Huayra, such as the small, individual rear spoilers and the car’s headlight design.

A number of apparent aerodynamic aids are also visible, which could help cement Pagani’s earlier claims that it intends to focus more on handling with the C10, rather than overall power.

The overall styling also gives off a somewhat retro impression, which would certainly help the new Pagani to stand out as much from its competitors as its predecessors did. Plus, given the brand’s track record, and if this is indeed the C10, it’s a pretty safe bet that the interior will follow suit.

Although a hybrid powertrain has been rumored for the near future, the C10 is believed to be the last fully combustion-powered car to come from Pagani. This suggests a Mercedes AMG origin engine, and given the brand’s relationship with the German manufacturer, it is believed that a new version of the 6.0-liter biturbo V12 could be used offering an increase of up to 40 bhp over the Huayra, with the choice of a manual or dual clutch gearbox.

It is believed that around 300 C10s are currently planned to be produced, and Pagani claims that demand has already been high. As with the Paganis of the past, other variants, including a roadster, will also be part of the total production number.

We will likely see the next Pagani model make its debut in the second half of 2022.

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