New VALORANT Agent Accidentally Leaked by Twitch Prime

The newest VALORANT agent coming in 2022 has already been teased, but now it seems fans are getting a first look thanks to Amazon and Twitch Prime. When they get the Twitch Prime loot that is available to Amazon Prime members who connect to Twitch every month, fans can take a look at the new VALORANT Agent. From what anyone can tell, this was an accident and maybe a few days or hours earlier. Here’s a look at the new VALORANT agent leak.


Image has been removed from Twitch Prime.

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A reputable leaker at @Valor_Leaks on Twitter tipped off the public of this.

As you can see, this character not only fits the VALORANT style but also the teaser that was shown earlier in the month.

With this on the official Twitch Prime page, it’s safe to assume this will be the newest agent. His name has yet to be revealed, but it seems that some of his abilities could be guessed from the two images that have been seen thus far.

They will likely be similar to Jett in terms of being a high-skill roof agent and should be a good fit for Starters or Duelists. It can also be assumed that the agent’s shoes have something to do with electricity and therefore his speed of movement. It would be surprising to see them add another agent who can simply run, some wonder if this agent’s movement speed might be different in any way. If this were the case, it would certainly be the first time for a character in this genre of games.

Not much else is known at this point other than the sprinter codename, but one can rightly assume that an actual reveal won’t be far behind. Typically, once a leak of this magnitude occurs, Riot Games will act quickly to obtain its own information.

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