Nike Continues Return-to-Office Plan Despite Opposition, Leaked Email Shows

  • Nike employees are required to return to company offices three days a week beginning January 10.
  • In an internal survey, only 54% of employees said the plan gives them enough flexibility.
  • In an email seen by Insider, Nike defended the plan, saying the company is “better united.”

Nike is sticking with its back-to-office plan even though only 54% of employees approve of the plan’s flexibility, according to an internal company survey.

The company shared the survey results with employees Tuesday in an email that was seen by Insider.

The email comes after Insider reported widespread frustration, especially among tech workers, with Nike’s back-to-office policy, which will require employees to return to the office three days a week starting on the 10th. from January.

Email sent to employees Tuesday confirmed the reports, noting that only a small majority of Nike workers who responded to the survey thought the policy gave them enough flexibility.

The email also noted that 80% of employees felt informed about the 3/2 approach and 78% understood the need for “multiple work approaches.”

Nike did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

A technology manager who has worked for the company for 12 years doubted the company would change policy despite opposition.

“We keep thinking that he was going to change. They have to listen to what we are saying,” said the coach. “But their heels are on.”

In the email, the company acknowledged the criticism and defended the decision.

“At the same time, we believe that we are better together,” reads the email, a frequent saying from company leaders.

Nike said it is taking numerous steps to help workers get back to the office, including tech pop-ups and campus tours.

“We don’t expect anyone to dive in again and pretend nothing has changed,” the company said in the email. “January will be a period of acceleration during which we will return to a new normal based on the new 3/2 approach for most.”

Another tech employee who spoke to Insider said the company hasn’t done enough to protect workers’ health when they return to the office.

“My conclusion is that they are treating this as the anxieties an eighth grader may have going into high school,” the employee said.

In the email, the company said it has “strong” measures in place to protect workers, including improved indoor air quality systems, contract tracking processes and “rigorous” sanitation and cleaning.

Nike workers will be required to cover their faces indoors and perform personal wellness checks before going to the office. Covid home test kits have also been shipped to US employees Covid on-site testing will be available at most Nike offices in the US, according to the email. Nike had previously required vaccinations for all employees.

“With these measures in place, we look forward to welcoming you back to our offices the week of January 10,” the email read.

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