No Way Home alternate ending just leaked

Spider-Man: No Way Home It was the most talked about movie of 2021, thanks to that great plot detail that leaked out. We haven’t seen anything like it with a movie since Avengers Endgame more than two years before. I like it No way home, the great Final secret leaked over and over again. However, all MCU fans expected Final to resurrect the fallen heroes of Infinity war. On the contrary, the great No way home The secret was not immediately obvious after the end of Far from home. And even though No way home it’s killing it in theaters, it looks like we have one more leak that fans will want to see. Apparently, No way home had an alternate ending, which offered a completely different conclusion to this Spiderman trilogy.

You should see No way home before continuing with the escape, like Massive spoilers to follow below.

How the MCU is the first Spiderman the trilogy ends

We already explained why the way No way home The ending makes sense, despite the heartbreak. Even the plot holes are somewhat exciting, as they give Sony and Marvel a chance to explore the story further.

After beating the villains with the help of two variants of Spider-Man from the multiverse, Tom Holland’s Peter Parker tells Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) to complete the original spell. Everyone who knew that Peter Parker is Spider-Man will forget it. That includes Avengers like Strange, as well as MJ (Zendaya) and Ned (Jacob Batalon).

The No way home The ending gives us a Spider-Man who has no connection to any other character. He will continue to be the friendly Spider-Man neighborhood of the MCU, but now he’s on his own. The ending also gives Sony and Marvel the soft reboot they need for future adventures.

It is also important that Peter Parker has just experienced massive personal loss, which is a Spiderman story element missing. Losing Aunt May (Marissa Tomei) hurts Peter even more than losing Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.). Also, Peter’s girlfriend and best friend no longer know who he is.

The No way home finishing gives us the only development we really need. Marvel finally nerfed Spider-Man. He’s no longer overpowered, thanks to all the Stark technology he inherited. Instead, we have a normal Spider-Man who has to fend for himself without the help of the Avengers. That includes creating your own suit and technology. On the other hand, Peter is very smart, so he could always try to replicate some of Tony’s technology.

Spider-Man: No Way Home opening sceneImage Source: Marvel Studios / Sony Pictures

The No way home alternative ending

Turns out that No way home it could have had an alternate ending. That’s according to a recent 4chan post.

According to the filtration, the No way home The alternate ending involves Strange performing a different type of spell. The sorcerer sends the redeemed villains and alternate Spider-Men back to their home universes. But it doesn’t cast a forgetting spell. People still remembered that Peter is Spider-Man.

Apparently Peter would have graduated from high school and then broke up with MJ. Peter also distanced himself from Ned to protect him from Spider-Man’s enemies. That is assuming the No way home the alternate final leak is accurate.

More deleted scenes

The leak also includes mentions of some deleted scenes. Some of them make sense because we know they exist. For example, the leaker mentions Spider-Man capturing a thief played by Holland’s brother Harry. That’s when a follower of Mysterio throws green paint at him. That scene with Harry was leaked weeks ago.

Additionally, the leaker details an alternate discussion between Wong (Benedict Wong) and Strange. It’s the one from the trailer where Wong warns Strange not to cast that spell.

Finally, there is a deleted scene involving Morgan Stark (Lexi Rabe). According to the leaker, Tony’s daughter expressed her support for Spider-Man in this scene. We know from the actress that she No way home the scene was cut. However, we do not know what actually happened in that scene.

With that said, anyone familiar with the No way home The leaks could have created these deleted scene descriptions and created this alternate ending story. If everything is correct, it will be interesting to see some of these deleted scenes in the future. As to No way home alternate ending, we’re better off without it. Making everyone forget Peter Parker is a much better development for the character.

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