No Way Home Leaks & Fan Theories That Turned Out to Be True

WARNING: The following contains major spoilers for Spider-Man: No Way Home, which is now screening in theaters.

Tom Holland has been really tired of lying. Fortunately for him and fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, he no longer has to because Spiderman: No way home it has achieved great success, and all speculation and theoretical propaganda may finally cease. Along with many answers, the movie ended with many questions about what’s next for the MCU’s expanding cast of characters.

Before tending to the new crop of rumors that have already begun, the following will dispel or confirm some of the more popular and obscure predictions that have surrounded the launch of No way home for more than a year.

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Tobey Maguire and Adam Garfield reprise their roles as Spider-Man


Despite many, many try to kill this rumor Before it could plant roots in the fertile collective imagination of fans, it persisted and flourished. In fact, the Spider-Men are united in Spider-Man: No Way Home, uniting each of the live-action counterparts for the first time and making MCU history. In addition to rumors of his return to fight alongside Tom Holland’s version of the sacred timeline, other theories posited that Adam Garfield could come back as a villain or Tobey Maguire can assume Uncle Ben’s cloak, and those rumors, fortunately, were unfounded.

No Way Home is a civil war between Doctor Strange and Spider-Man

There was originally an effort invented by Marvel Studios and Sony to market the movie as a showdown between the ex-Sorcerer Supreme and the friendly neighborhood cobweb-thrower, and while that’s by no means the crux of the movie, there is a battle between the two that yields some very interesting results. Fighting for the spell box that will send the multiversal villains back home at the time of their death, Strange and Spidey fight in the mirror dimension where the advantage would appear to go to Strange, but Peter prevails.

No Way Home assembles a multiversal Sinister Six against Spider-Man

Spider-Man-No Way-Home-and-Sinister-Six

Although this was pretty obvious since the second trailer debuted. Is a theory circulating for more than a year, long before images were captured or leaked, but following the cast information that was available. Although it does not turn out to be a true Sinister Six, it constitutes its spirit, so much so that any attempt to test it in the future would feel derivative.

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Charlie Cox’s Daredevil Makes His Appearance In No Way Home

This was definitely another rumor that wouldn’t die and it was combined with a petition demanding that Charlie Cox be specifically integrated into the MCU and it turned out to be absolutely accurate. One of the more accurate rumors also theorized that Matt Murdock would appear as Peter Parker’s attorney and that also turned out to be the case as Peter needed a brief legal experience to combat Mysterio’s lies. His deft interception of a brick thrown through Peter’s window also proved that his abilities remain intact within the MCU even though Daredevil does not appear in disguise.

The green goblin will be the main antagonist

green goblin spider man there is no way home

Although Norman Osborne tries to be as useful as possible to Peter, and Peter, in turn, tries to help him get home without killing him thanks to May’s suggestion, his alter ego as the green goblin is the driving force behind the assembled villain’s decision to attempt to defeat Strange and Spider-Man’s plan to send them back. The film solidifies the Green Goblin as Peter’s fundamental nemesis in the same way that he was established as such in the original theatrical trilogy, as he is responsible for May’s death and Peter’s new general principle regarding the responsibility of power. .

Doctor Strange 2 trailer is tied to the release of No Way Home

The Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Insanity The trailer was not released during previews for the film, which came as a surprise to many. However, it appeared as the final post-credits scene. By depicting a dreadlocked Mordo who identifies Strange himself as the greatest threat to the multiverse, the trailer also appears to introduce the Dark Strange Guardian of the Multiverse from the What if…? series that makes its film debut. Strange reaches out to Wanda in the trailer to help repair what she has done to cement her crucial role in next year’s sequel.

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Another popular theory postulated that The Dark Guardian Strange would be the main antagonist of both. Spider-Man: No Way Home Y Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Insanity And although one part of that theory has been discredited, the evidence for the second part appears to be mounting.

Venom appears by no means at home

Spider-Man: No Way Home's black suit is not Venom

An earlier mid-credits scene shows Eddie Brock in Mexico in a bar getting a bartender’s view of the world he’s in. Venom does not appear on the screen, but communicates with Eddie while drinking and taking all the information. When Strange’s spell sent him back to his own dimension, a part of the symbiote remained like a small balloon in exchange, and Eddie’s last words before disappearing indicated a desire to locate Spider-Man leaving the door open for that the blood cell somehow did. on the way to New York, paving the way for an MCU Venom, but at the same time dispelling another Venom rumor.

Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man Saves MJ Unlike Gwen Stacy

spider man mj mcu and gwen stacy amazing spider man death scene

Adam Garfield’s Peter Parker explains to his doppelgängers that he became a dark version of himself after he failed to save Gwen Stacy. He clearly hasn’t come to terms with her death yet and by the time MJ falls off the scaffolding of the Statue of Liberty, his rescue of her is as cathartic for him as it is for the audience. The emotional performance that Garfield takes advantage of while checking on MJ to make sure he’s okay is an unforgettable moment from the movie.

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Not all returning villains will turn out bad

Spider-Man No Way Home: having too many Spider-Man villains could be a problem

A theory provided by Reddit user Mediocrecritic turned out to be accurate if somewhat shocked by the plot. Sandman initially appears as an ally from Peter who wants to help him defeat the other villains, whose only interest is to return home to his daughter. The Green Goblin gives an enthusiastic betrayal speech and for whatever reason the Sandman accepts it and the reasoning is never explained. Doctor Octopus, the victim of a malfunctioning inhibitor chip, arrives bloodthirsty on the scene, but once his chip is overlooked, he returns to the revered scientist he always was.

No way for local villains to use Stark technology


As soon as Electro appears on the main timeline, he mentions that the energy there somehow feels different from the dimension of his home. The more he shows, the more he yearns for and when Peter puts him within reach of Tony Stark’s arc reactor, he can’t resist its pull and the promise that comes with that kind of power. Steal it and becomes the most powerful version of himself and fight to the bitter end to hold on to that power.

No Way Home’s black suit is ready for magic

Spider-Man Black Suit Header

This theory is not exactly accurate when it comes to runes and such, and the suit itself has no connection to magic. However, the image that served as springboard for theory It proved to have some merit because the magic is not in the suit but in the web launcher. The Doctor Strange jury rigged the net to transport everything it touched into a confinement cage, allowing a quick raid of all individuals who had crossed over from other dimensions.

To see all the theories come to life, Spider-Man: No Way Home is now being shown in theaters.

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