Oculus Rift Store Download Issues Being ‘Actively’ Worked On

Meta says it is “actively working” on issues that some Oculus Rift users are experiencing that are preventing them from downloading games.

We’ve seen multiple reports from Rift users being unable to install titles they previously purchased over the past few weeks, and we’ve had this issue too. The games start to download but seem to reset in just a few minutes and prompt you to try again. We tested this with various titles in the Rift store earlier this week and today the success seemed somewhat random – some apps that wouldn’t install one day did install another, for example.

We contacted Meta about the matter. A company spokesperson responded: “We are aware of the problems people have when downloading Rift (and Go / Gear) applications and we are actively working on it.”

Hopefully then, we will see the issue resolved in the very near future. The Rift, Go, and Gear VR may no longer be the focus of Meta’s VR efforts, but many people have created vast libraries of content in their respective stores. Not to mention, Quest users can access PC VR content through Link connections, so this issue also prevents them from accessing it.

We will provide you with an update as soon as we know that the issue has been resolved.

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