Omb Peezy’s leaked video leaves Twitter shocked: Rapper admits mistake

The leaked Facebook video of rapper Omb Peezy has left many in shock and some Twitter users have been reacting to the same.

On November 21, Facebook followers of Peezy, whose real name is LeParis Dade, were shocked after the rapper posted a video of their intimate moment. It didn’t take long for the video to go viral, and since then, a number of fans have been reacting to the same thing.

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Who is Omb Peezy?

Peezy is a rapper from Alabama who has been making music for a long time. In 2017, he signed with 300 Entertainment. Since then, the rapper has entertained his fans by releasing new music.

His songs have also made him famous as he currently has more than 997k followers on Instagram. Most of his posts revolve around updating his fans on his new music. Meanwhile, Peezy also has a YouTube page. Currently, he has more than 639k followers on the platform.

Besides music, Peezy also has his online shopping website. While juggling making new music and running her online store, Peezy also tours. His next event is in Tempe, Arizona.

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Rapper’s Leaked Video Explored

On November 21, multiple users were shocked after an intimate video of Peezy was posted on his Facebook page. With over 394k followers on the platform, the video did not go unnoticed.

Fans quickly reacted to the same while others shared it on Twitter. Shortly after this, the video was removed. It is unclear how the video got onto its timeline.

The rapper did not reveal if his account was hacked or if he posted the video by mistake. Despite this, he recognized what had happened.

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Omb Peezy breaks his silence

After the blunder, Peezy took to his Instagram to comment on what happened. He said, “Yo, my bad, everyone had to see that.” He continued: “My new name” mr. Soft “doe”.

The rapper also commented on the response he received from people after the video was leaked. He said, “I just woke up and they’re still bullshit * They all make a kid feel good.”

At the same time, the rapper has also been responding to some of the comments on his Instagram. However, he has not made any further comment on the video.

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