Pagani C10 Leaked – Huayra Replacement First Look

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The Pagani Huayra has been around for over a decade, which means it desperately needs a replacement. An online representation could be our first look at the set of cars that will take the place of the Huayra in the next decade.

This image, allegedly showing a car with the codename “C10,” originally appeared on Instagram along with a photo from a document aimed at potential buyers. If the image is legitimate, it likely originated as a leak from an initial customer or dealer presentation.

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The car itself looks like a Pagani greatest hits mashup, with styling cues from both the Huayra and the much-loved Zonda. The overall shape looks more Zonda-esque, with a teardrop-shaped cockpit and a sloping nose, with a split wing design at the rear. It’s an attractive car worthy of the Pagani name.

The C10, again, probably a codename and not the car’s final model name, is rumored to use a new version of AMG’s 6.0-liter biturbo V-12, with buyers having a choice between a manual or manual clutch. double. automatic transmission, by Trainer.

Trainer It also reports that Pagani plans to build up to 300 examples of the C10, including a convertible and a handful of extra special variants. However, it is said on the street that it is already sold out. So if you were planning to pick one up, you should have already gotten a call from Pagani. And again, there is no way to confirm if this image is truly of the next-gen Pagani. So take this information with caution.

It is not known when Pagani will make its Huayra replacement official, but considering the age of the current car, we expect a reveal later this year. So we should find out things like power and performance specs.

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