Pet Dog Saves US Family from Carbon Monoxide Poisoning After Gas Leak

In an incident that sheds more light on the phrase ‘Man’s best friend’, which is used for dogs, a family in Iowa, United States, was saved from serious carbon monoxide poisoning, thanks to their pet, Roxy . Brad Herbert lives with his family in Ankeny, Iowa. On Monday night, his pet dog, Roxy, a husky / coonhound mix, began to fidget. Roxy is generally a mild-mannered dog, but that night was different, recalls Brad. “She was just jumping out of my bed and jumping on it again,” he tells WOWK-TV. Brad, after not paying attention for a while, became wary and heard an alarm. He jumped out of his bed and went into the hall to discover that it was not the smoke alarm. Actually, your carbon monoxide detector was ringing and it only happens when there is an active carbon monoxide in the house. “I grabbed the detector and found that if it beeps four times, there is active carbon monoxide,” says Brad.

Brad, without wasting a minute, grabbed his father and son and ran out of the house, along with Roxy. He then reported to 911, who later, after a thorough examination, found the source of the carbon monoxide. It was a leak from Brad’s gas and electric fireplace, which was releasing deadly odorless gas.

Brad, while recounting the incident, recalls: “She realized something was wrong that night when she woke me up and just actions, she was a little shaky and really worried that we would get out. I am very happy to have her. “

Carbon monoxide poisoning can be fatal or even fatal. It occurs when colorless, odorless gas enters the bloodstream and begins to replace oxygen, damaging tissues. Gas can build up in concentration in poorly ventilated places and cause accidental death, as its presence is nearly impossible to detect.

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