Phoenix Suns New Uniforms for 2022-23 Season Leaked Online

As much as we love the “Valley” uniforms worn by the Phoenix Suns for the past two years, this fall we felt like a lazy move as the NBA renewed them in back-to-back seasons, rather than developing something new for the team. . use.

With the exception of the Utah Jazz and Suns, all NBA teams got new “city edition” jerseys this year. Given a new opportunity to integrate some flair into the game, various teams took advantage to put together new looks that will likely be remembered for some time.

The Atlanta Hawks, Houston Rockets and Brooklyn Nets went back to their roots, mixing and matching their old team uniforms with modern trends to put together some vibrant threads. The Oklahoma City Thunder and Toronto Raptors also released new, clean uniforms, which are sure to turn heads at any moment on the court.

But in the meantime, the Suns were left hanging, at least until today, when new leaks offered a quick look at their new uniforms, which will debut next year.

Shared via Twitter this morning,’s Chris Creamer posted two images detailing Phoenix’s alleged incoming threads, all of which were somewhat blurry, but still illustrated an exciting new look.

Creamer mentioned that the leak was “confirmed by highly reliable sources” on His articleSo if that’s true, these photos offer an exciting preview of Phoenix’s future from a stylistic point of view.

First of all, the beloved striped sun logo seems to be back in a way. The outline of the logo appears flexed to one side with the word “SUNS” written in the middle, which looks very similar to the team’s uniform design from the ’90s.

The clean purple and white backgrounds, also with enlarged numbers to the front, also reek of Charles Barkley nostalgia. This design definitely embraces tradition, while helping the team move forward at the same time.

With this leak containing a dark-colored and a light-colored uniform, it probably means that Phoenix will part with two current jerseys and adopt them as its home and away yarns. That will give the team its third major uniform change since the 2013-14 season.

However, with the “Valley” jerseys functioning as something of an alternative for the team, we may see them return next year. The same goes for his orange substitutes, who assemble an eye-catching four-shirt wardrobe for years to come.

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