Phone-tap ‘leak’: Info sought from Fadnavis in Mumbai | Mumbai News

Mumbai: The cyber cell investigating the alleged leak of a confidential wiretapping report sent a lengthy questionnaire to the leader of the opposition, Devendra Fadnavis, requesting more information. “I have not been summoned by the cyber cell to register my statement, however, I have received a questionnaire from the cell, it was followed by a letter. I will talk about the questionnaire and the letter once the ongoing litigation on the subject is over. As the leader of the opposition, I have the right to express my opinions. The government has no right to ask my source of information, ”said Fadnavis. Apparently, the then State Intelligence Commissioner, Rashmi Shukla, had tapped the phones of certain people after due process of law and after obtaining permission from the competent authority. The information gathered during the wiretaps reportedly concerned the transfer and dispatch of IPS and other police officers when the leader of the CPN, Anil Deshmukh, was the Minister of the Interior.
As specific contents of the reports were leaked, the state Interior Department had entrusted the investigation to the Mumbai police cyber cell. In fact, the cell had registered a crime against unknown persons after Fadnavis’ press conference in Nagpur.
The state’s request for orders to the Center to produce a flash drive that was delivered to the MHA by opposition leader Devendra Fadnavis was heard by a magistrate on Friday. The special state attorney Ajay Misar informed the court that the cyber cell IO in the case registered against the alleged leak of Rashmi Shukla’s wiretapping report has sought answers from Fadnavis and has reported that he will intimate when available. The magistrate reserved the state’s request that the orders be approved on December 28.


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