Photographer Shares Image Of Sun, Makes It Available For Download For $50

Photographer shares image of Sun and makes it available for download for $ 50

A photographer has shared a stunning image of the Sun on Instagram that he claimed to have captured with a modified telescope. In the photo, we can see a spectacular detail of the heat that surrounds the largest star in the solar system. Andrew McCarthy, who describes himself as “just a normal guy with a telescope,” said he had to capture about 150,000 images of the Sun using a modified telescope. Then he combined those photos to get this “incredible detail”.

The composite image shows a chaotic ball of plasma (the fourth state of matter after solid, liquid, and gas) snaking from the Sun’s surface and bursts of energy from areas of increased magnetic activity, pushing and pulling and creating fascinating patterns across the solar surface.

“A detailed look at our star. Swipe to get closer,” said McCarthy, who uses the identifier cosmic_background on Instagram. He said the image is 300 megapixels.

McCarthy has allowed anyone who wishes to download the image to obtain it here. The image has been titled “Fire and Fusion” and is available for $ 50 (roughly Rs. 3,766). The photographer said details of the solar surface show exactly what the Sun looked like at 2 pm on Nov. 29, “from my backyard gazebo.”

We often see the Sun only as a huge ball of fire. But there is more enigma than possibly any other celestial object. For your consideration, it is a source of life on Earth and without it, there will be darkness. Possibly this is the reason, the Sun attracts so much interest and generates curiosity. Astronomers try to keep an eye on everything that happens in or around it, as even a small event could trigger dramatic consequences for us on Earth. And now even skilled and amateur photographers have joined.


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