Possible Leak May Show First Images of Call of Duty 2023 Game

A set of 12 images are leaked online, and the screenshots apparently give fans a glimpse into the 2023 entry in the popular Call of Duty franchise.


With Obligations being as big as it is, it’s no wonder leaks occasionally occur. While several leaks of Obligations 2022 has been seen, the information on the 2023 game has been more limited, so far, that is.

Before a new batch of leaked screenshots, the only leak players had was that Obligations 2023 is supposedly semi-futuristic. The leaked images seem to back up this rumor while giving fans a glimpse of various other aspects of the upcoming Treyarch title. While the photos may be part of an elaborate leak, and fans should take the images with a grain of salt, they are certainly intriguing.


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The first image, which can be seen here, shows an area that resembles the Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Moscow map, though Treyarch may just be doing some testing in the playspace rather than creating a remaster. Another image shows three death streaks, with the highest and lowest stripes clearly taking the shape of futuristic vehicles. Alongside the high-tech stripes, the images show a working title of call of Duty Black Ops. While there will likely be a subtitle or a number, it looks like the game will be part of the Black ops substrings if this leak is legitimate.

Call of duty black ops 2 cover without text

The images show that the three main game modes of the Obligations The series is set to return, and interestingly enough, Zombies Factions will apparently be part of the co-op mode. This is a big problem, as the feature was originally announced for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Zombies but never released. Players can only choose one faction per season, and they will earn six special challenges to complete for the party they choose. These will unlock six rewards, probably in the form of cosmetics. Factions include Requiem, Omega, Dark Aether, and a new group that lacks image. With the Maxis group gone, Samantha will likely not make a major appearance.

Another intriguing part of the leak is the “capacity” screen for multiplayer. This features skills drawn directly from Call of Duty: Black Ops 3Specialists like Firebreak’s Heatwave and Specter’s Active Camo. Skills appear to be a more exaggerated version of field upgrades, as they are found alongside deadly and tactical gear in Create-A-Class. Interestingly, the perks are replaced with “tokens”, which drives home the idea that the next entry in the Obligations The series will be futuristic. The campaign will also feature a Realism difficulty.

The last part of the leak worth mentioning is the game’s design goals, which appear to include some form of destruction and a return of “classic.” Obligations Zombie Gameplay – Which probably means round-based zombies will be back in the spotlight. It will also “bridge the gap” between Call of Duty: Modern Warfare the reboot game and the Black ops Serie.

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Source: Reddit.

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