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Each month, PlayStation Plus subscribers eagerly await to know what the list of free games for the next month will be. It’s the kind of waiting that’s half emotion and half concern. After all, Sony gives away as many rags as gems, sometimes more.

2021 has been a bit of a mixed bag, but if the latest leak of the January 2022 PlayStation Plus lineup is accurate, it looks like we are off to a good start to the new year.

Sometimes when I write my predictions post, no games have been leaked and all we have to do is rely on clues and assumptions. Sometimes we’ll see a game launch on the same day as the following month’s PS Plus titles, making it much more likely to be one of the free games.

Other times, there is a new release in a franchise that is about to hit shelves in a month or two, so an older game from that series will likely be given away to help build buzz.

There is also the process of elimination. If Sony has already given away a PS Plus giveaway, it’s unlikely that it will show up again (I’m not sure this ever happened outside of the PS5 PS Plus collection, but I could be wrong).

This time, however, we have a credible leak which makes the predictions somewhat useless. Also, the leak is for a pretty solid line of games, which means I don’t really need to write a wish list on which games I’d rather get next month. There have been months where the lineup is so terrible that it can be fun to write a wish list of alternatives.

But January 2022, if the leak is accurate, seems like a great month to be a PlayStation Plus subscriber. If you have just joined the service, you have flawless timing. Here are the leaked PS Plus games for January 2022:

  • DIRT 5 (PS5, PS4)
  • Deep Rock Galactic (PS5, PS4)
  • Persona 5 Strikers (PS4)

Take a look at the descriptions and trailers for each of these games here.

I admit, I wish the leakers would wait until the last minute so that we could have fun predicting what we will get next month. Either that, or I’ll have to start writing this way, long before, before anyone is really thinking about next month.

New PS Plus games for the following month are typically revealed on the last Wednesday of the current month, with the games themselves releasing the following Tuesday.

So this month we’ll get the official announcement from Sony on Wednesday, December 29, and the games will hit PS Plus on January 4. You can still download Free games from December until Monday 3.

It’s not realistic, I know, but it would be great if the leakers at least waited until the last Monday of the month to leak the next lineup.

Are you looking forward to any of these games? I’m definitely excited to play Galactic Deep Rock on my PS5!

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