revanth: Panel: Explain Revanth Letter Leak To Media | Hyderabad News

Hyderabad: Hours after the Telangana Congressional Disciplinary Action Committee, led by G Chinna Reddy, decided to speak to party chairman and Sangareddy MLA T Jayaprakash Reddy, popularly known as Jagga Reddy, about his demand to remove A Revanth Reddy from the post of state president, the MLA responded by demanding that the committee first convene the head of TPCC and seek his explanation as to why he did not consult the local MLA before announcing the Rachabanda program in Erravelli.
“Anyone who has differences with other party leaders or with the leadership itself can write to the AICC leadership. But these letters should not be leaked to the media. We want to ask Jagga Reddy how his letter to Sonia Gandhi requesting the removal of Revanth reached the media, “said Chinna Reddy.
The committee also decided to speak with party leaders J Raghava Reddy and two others from Jangaon about the uproar they created at a party training session where slogans were raised against Revanth.


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