Ride-hailing apps take half of travel download top spots

Google Maps surpassed Uber to be the most downloaded travel app in 2021, with 106 million downloads.

Despite the popularity of the map service, transportation apps, including Bolt, Didi, and Grab, held half of the top 10 spots in 2021 according to the Apptopia report.

The popularity of Google Maps, as well as transportation apps, is likely due to consumers choosing to walk or take a taxi during the pandemic rather than public transportation options.

Booking.com ranks third in the most downloaded app bets with 63 million, followed by Google Earth and Airbnb.

The train schedule and the Where Is My Train status check service stand out for their appearance in the top 10.

The app, which is owned by Google’s parent company Alphabet and only available in India, had just over 23 million downloads.

Apptopia also lists the top 10 online travel agency apps of the year, with Booking.com and Airbnb taking the top two spots.

Hopper, not listed in the 2020 global rankings, ranks third with 19 million downloads, just ahead of Expedia with 15 million downloads.

Apptopia says the company has increased downloads in the US by 183% in 2021.

Hopper attributes the success to the launch of its fintech products, including the price freeze and the flight interruption guarantee, with 50% of the company’s revenue coming from these products.

As a result, Skyscanner, which was ranked 9th in 2020, has been removed from the top 10 list.

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