Samsung Galaxy S21 FE leaked — by Samsung

We were expecting the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE to be in active use around the world by now. Not only was it first leaked in April, but last year’s S20 FE came out in September. Since the phone was rumored to have been canceled not once, but twice, his prospects were not looking very good.

However, rumors now strongly point to a phone that is simply lagging, rather than shutting down. And that theory has been further strengthened thanks to two recent leaks.

First of all, Samsung now has an official live support page for the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE in its UAE region. It’s here, but in case you deleted it when you read it, here’s a snapshot:

A snapshot of the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE UAE support page

(Image credit: Samsung)

On top of that, British retailer has listed a bunch of what it says are official cases for the phone on its website. At the time of writing, they are still live, although it would not be surprising if they retired at some point.

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