Samsung Galaxy S22 Leaks Out With A Design Deja Vu In Tow

Samsung is playing it safe with the design of the Galaxy S22, but who wants to pay over $ 800 for a phone that looks like a Samsung flagship from last year?

From Samsung The upcoming Galaxy S22 Ultra, also known as the reborn Galaxy Note, is grabbing all the attention in the leak universe, but alleged vanilla versions of the Galaxy S22 have now appeared online as well. And from the looks of it, the standard Galaxy S22 looks either boldly boring or a lazy makeover built on top of the Galaxy S21. Now, repeating the design of a phone for a couple of generations, or several generations, if the brand in question is Apple, is not unheard of.

Apple does it too often. Samsung has repeated the tactic with the Galaxy S6-S7 duo, the Galaxy S8-S9 pair, and also its line of tablets over the years. But Samsung is no longer the king of the jungle alongside Apple, when it comes to market leadership. Xiaomi has managed to outshine Samsung, but it has not repeated the design of its flagships much, nor have other big hitters like Oppo, Vivo or the ailing Huawei. But what stands out in the debate over the design of the Galaxy S22 is the sheer monotony and aesthetic complacency.


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The people of 91Mobiles got supposed high-resolution renderings of the Galaxy S22 in a bunch of colors, while LetsGoDigital he also made some realistic illustrations based on them. At first glance, the Galaxy S22 looks easy on the eyes. The bezels on the front are extremely thin and even, and there is only one cutout at the top, in line with the company’s Infinity-O design mantra. The rear panel looks clean too, especially in the satin green hue. The only significant change is that the rear seems to be made of glass instead of plastic this time. Overall, it looks like a classy design, for a person who hasn’t seen the Galaxy S21 yet.

Strictly for the Samsung Stan

Samsung Galaxy S22
Credit: LetsGoDigital

For the rest of the potential buyers anticipating the next Samsung flagship, they will pay more than $ 800 for a phone that looks like the Galaxy S21 from 2021 but with the hardware of a 2022 flagship inside. To be clear here, the Galaxy S22 doesn’t look too bad. But take a look at the new design of the Galaxy S22 Ultra. One wonders, no doubt, why Samsung didn’t extend the same design review courtesy to the entry-level phone in the Galaxy S22 series. The only reasonable explanation here seems to be cost adjustment, as pulling a new design off the assembly line is tedious and more expensive.

But it’s not just excited fans who will be somewhat disappointed in the Galaxy S22’s design, which almost screams is sure to elicit deja vu. Instead, the competition will make things more difficult for Samsung. Next year, Apple is heavily rumored to offer a design overhaul, particularly with a notch-less look on the iPhone 14 Pro. Google has already delivered some eye-catching looks with the well-received Pixel 6 series. Samsung will, as usual, introduce new flagships with sleek aesthetic makeovers and equally powerful guts. Simply put, the Galaxy S22 will have a hard time standing out, especially in a demographic of buyers that is not a Samsung staṇ phone.

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Fountain: 91Mobiles, LetsGoDigital

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