Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, Galaxy S22+ official poster leaked, shows new design on the flagship model

Every smartphone enthusiast in the world is looking forward to the launch of Samsung’s next flagship smartphone line. Rumors to date have hinted that the Galaxy S22 series will debut sometime towards the end of January. In preparation for launch, various reports have hinted at what to expect from the Galaxy S22 line. However, none have been officially confirmed. A recently leaked image doing rounds online now changes that.

LetsGoDigital, which has also shared various versions of the Galaxy S22 Ultra so far, has reportedly got hold of an official poster for the Galaxy S22 series. From what can be seen in the picture, the new Samsung flagship will come with the exact design that has been afloat in various rumors so far.

The poster shows two Samsung smartphones. The former is clearly visible as the Galaxy S22 Ultra, while the latter is expected to be the Galaxy S22 + model. The poster clearly shows that the new S22 +, and likely the Galaxy S22, will sport a camera module similar to what is seen on the Galaxy S21 lineup.

Galaxy S22 Ultra and S22 + in leaked official poster (Image: LetsGoDigital)

However, the top-of-the-line offering, which is the Galaxy S22 Ultra, will see a drastic change in design, especially due to the reworked camera on its rear. The device, as hinted at above, will carry a total of five lenses on its camera. Three of these will be aligned vertically, while two will be placed adjacent to them.

Interestingly, these lenses will not be housed within a separate camera module and will instead emerge from the rear panel of the Galaxy S22 Ultra, marking a seamless integration of the lenses into the design. You can even see an LED flash between the smaller lenses.

Aside from the camera, Samsung’s next flagship will have a very similar design to its Galaxy Note line. Since Samsung is unsure about the future of its Note series, the company is expected to slowly fill the gap between the Note offerings and its Galaxy S line. S-Pen support and a large form factor in the Galaxy S21 Ultra, as well as the Galaxy S22 Ultra, are proof of this.

As for the more affordable options in the next series, the Galaxy S22 +, and probably the Galaxy S22, will keep the look of last year with a few tweaks. Both phones, for example, are expected to come with a glass back panel this time around, a feature that Samsung fans missed on the Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S21 +.

We will continue to share more information on Samsung phones as they emerge, so be sure to keep an eye out for India Today Tech to stay on top of these developments.

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