Saurashtra University paper leak: College delisted as exam centre

TWO DAYS after a Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) third semester exam questionnaire was allegedly leaked from Sardar Patel Law School (SPLC) in Babra City of Amreli, Saurashtra University (SU) He said Saturday that he had removed the college’s roster. As a test center, it began the process of revocation of the affiliation to that university and the enrollment of the students involved in the crime will be canceled. The university has also decided not to recognize the educational qualifications of Dilawar Kureshi, director of SPLC.

An official UB statement said that Vice Chancellor (VC) Prof Nitin Pethani and Vice Chancellor Vijay Desani had ordered strict actions against all those involved in the alleged paper leak.

Consequently, the statement said, the SU had permanently removed the SPLC from the list of test centers and the process had begun to revoke the affiliation granted to that university by the SU. “The enrollment of the students involved in the leak of the document will be permanently canceled and all universities will be informed about this,” the statement added.

The UB action comes after police investigations revealed that Kureshi leaked a questionnaire for the economics subject of the third semester of the UB B.Com program.

Kureshi reportedly told police that he had opened a questionnaire packet at 8 a.m. on December 3, clicked on photographs in a questionnaire, and sent those photos to the WhatsApp account of Rahul Panchasara, an SPLC employee. .

The director reportedly told police that he had leaked the document about two hours before the exam’s scheduled start that day at the request of Bhiku Sejaliya, an SPLC laborer, who had requested a copy of the document for his relative Paras Rajgor. . student of B.Com.

The secretary had sent photos of the question paper to Rajgor as requested by the laborer. Rajgor, a resident of Mevasa village in Surendranagar, had subsequently sent the questionnaire to his friend Divyesh Dhaduk from Sanathali village of Rajkot district.

Dhaduk, police said, in turn sent the question paper to Ellise Chowatiya from the Kotda Pitha village of Amreli’s Babara taluka. Chowatiya had shared the newspaper on a WhatsApp group that he runs, police say.

The SU jumped into action after Aam Aadmi Party workers complained to the SU VC around 2 p.m. on December 23, claiming that the questionnaire had started circulating on WhatsApp groups around 9 a.m. the exam was supposed to start at 10 am. and it would continue until 12:30 pm.

Rajgor, Dhaduk and Chowatiya are studying B.Com’s third semester at different SU-affiliated universities and were among the around 18,000 students who took the exam on Wednesday.

After the SU filed a police report, the principal, the secretary, the laborer, and the three students on Friday.

“We arrested all six of them on Saturday after their Covid-19 tests came back negative. We will present them in a local court on Sunday with an application to request their remand in custody, ”Police Inspector AS Chavda, in charge of the University Police Station, told The Sunday Express.


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