Seepage from Mullaperiyar Dam goes up, 2 lakh litres get leaked every day

Thiruvananthapuram: Leakage from the controversial Mullaperiyar dam is increasing over time and has risen to 2 lakh liters per day when the water level in the reservoir touched 139.85 feet, an affidavit Tamil Nadu submitted to the Court revealed. Supreme

The leakage data included in the affidavit indicates that 138,777 L filtered through the two galleries of the dam per minute, up from 129,447 L recorded two weeks ago. The leakage was only 89 L five per minute five years ago.

The affidavit was filed based on a directive from the Supreme Court. Seepage data is the estimate of downward seepage and lateral movement of water from a supply source, such as a reservoir.

The galleries are located at heights of 10 and 45 feet from the base of the dam. The data included in the affidavit was in the leak recorded from November 8 to 14.

According to the data recorded on November 14, 107,025 L were filtered per minute through the gallery at 10 feet, while in the other 31,752 L.

Leakage would increase once the water level reaches the 142-foot mark, the data revealed. Tamil Nadu has been recording the leak since the dam came under its control. Kerala has been copying the data provided by Tamil Nadu.

Meanwhile, the filtration per minute from the arch dam at Idukki is simply 38 L, or 54,720 L per day.


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