She-Hulk Leaked For Marvel’s Avengers

Will She-Hulk be the next Avengers character?

Marvel Avengers - She-Hulk

Marvel avengers Players can look forward to the addition of She-Hulk to the game if the new leaks are to be believed. She-Hulk would be the last in a list of characters added to the game after launch. Up to now, Marvel Avengers has received multiple DLC character additions. Kate Bishop, Hawkeye, and Black Panther were added to the game last year. PlayStation gamers also have Spider-Man in their game, much to the disappointment of Xbox and PC gamers.

The current content roadmap for Avengers covers the period between August 2021 and “Autumn / Winter”. The next content map for the start of 2022 expires any week. Presumably, She-Hulk will be a part of that. Miller on Twitter claims that She-Hulk will be played by voice actress Krizia Bajos. Bass can be heard in a variety of games like Cyberpunk 2077, Halo Infinite, and the League of Legends T.V. series, Arcane. Miller has a history of leaks Marvel avengers-Related information that has previously revealed the voice actor of Black Panther in the game. Miller’s tweet that Christopher Judge, Kratos’ voice actor in God of War, would be playing Black Panther was the first to confirm the news. Given Miller’s track record, it’s safe to assume that She-Hulk will be heading into the game. However, the question remains, when will the character be added?

Avengers It has received its fair share of criticism since its release last year. The game initially launched to disappointing reception from fans and critics. The game had a host of issues that Crystal Dynamics has been working to fix after launch. The latest Black Panther DLC, War for Wakanda, was the best received so far. Hopefully, the She-Hulk DLC can continue the trend of improving the game.


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