Should you download Disney Melee Mania on Apple Arcade?

A free trial of Apple Arcade was included with the purchase of my phone, which I later decided to keep when I replaced the Apple One (which includes Apple Arcade along with five other Apple services). It’s been a constant stream of ad-free games where I really don’t have to worry about predatory ads and microtransactions for my kids. And there are some mobile power games included in the subscription. Latest Big IP to Join Apple arcade is Disney Pixar with Disney Melee Mania from developer Mighty Bear Games (the studio behind another Apple Arcade title Real butter).

Disney Melee Mania is a multiplayer game where players play as characters from Disney and Pixar movies in a 3v3 arena battle that has you fight for capture points or try to get more eliminations than the other team. Actually, he looks a lot like the popular arena fighter. Fighting stars – only with a Disney skin.

Characters can be unlocked through in-game currency and through events. There are currently 12 champions:

  • Elsa
  • Rudder
  • Moana
  • Bing bong
  • Buzz lightyear
  • eve
  • Frozone
  • Princess Jazmin
  • The manticore
  • The Sorcerer’s Apprentice Mickey
  • Mulan
  • Break up ralph

There are two more champions on the way: The Beast and Maleficent. Champions come with power, health, and speed ratings and feature two skills / abilities and one ultimate. Each champion also has a journey that provides them with resources and champion tokens to empower that champion. The more tokens you have for a champion, the more you can level up and strengthen their abilities.

Ultimately it is a visually appealing game and there have been multiple events. You get resources and tokens at a fairly rapid rate. The arenas are boring and repetitive, but I suppose there will be more variety as the game receives updates.

Where Disney Melee Mania diverges from Fighting stars is what feels like a lack of polish. The combat doesn’t seem like you have that much control. Swift champions are difficult to hit with the slimmest ranged skill shots, and the range of attacks and where you aim your melee attacks is unclear. There are clear power differences between champions, and the combat is what I would describe as muddy. Okay … it feels like all your moves and skills are stuck in the mud so it’s not as accurate and fast as I would like.

That said, it’s a fast-paced arena fighter where matches are five minutes long, there are no micro-transactions, and you’re probably playing this because you like to play mobile games with Disney characters because you’re a Disney fan. It is a fun and friendly PvP game that all ages can enjoy, so you don’t have to worry about your kids while playing this.

Ultimately, Disney is the sale. If you have Apple Arcade and are a Disney fan, download Disney Melee Mania. If you have Apple Arcade, but Disney can’t care less, it’s worth downloading to give it a try and see if it has staying power for you. But you may enjoy other games more like Real butter Y LEGO fights. If you don’t have Apple Arcade, this is not a game that you should subscribe to.

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