Some Android 13 features leaked nearly a year ahead of launch

Android 12 is so new that the paint is still drying, and Android 12L is still in beta. But the details about the Following the major version of Android is starting to leak.

While Android 13 most likely won’t launch until fall 2022, the folks at xda-developers have received a number of screenshots highlighting some changes Google is working on, and Mishaal Rahman noticed a code confirmation that hint at another upcoming feature.

xda developers

There’s still plenty of time for things to change between now and next fall, so it’s probably best to take everything with a grain of salt. Even if the leaks are accurate, they only show us what Google is working on today, not what the company will deliver tomorrow.

But here are some highlights:

  • Subscription app notifications: It appears that Google will require at least some apps to ask for permission before it can send notifications to your device, in the same way that you need to grant permission for apps to use your location, microphone, or camera. This could reduce the amount of unwanted items cluttering up your notifications.
  • Application language settings: Right now you can set a system-wide default for your preferred language. But in Android 13, it seems like you will be able to set different languages ​​for different apps. So if you prefer to use Spanish when connecting with friends and family via WhatsApp, but use English for everything else, you can adjust your settings accordingly.
  • Lock screen clockRight now, if you’re using a Pixel phone running Android 12, you probably have a really big clock on the lock screen, with the hour on top and the minutes underneath. In Android 13, you will be able to adjust the size and layout of the lock screen clock.
  • STRONG: Google’s latest attempt at extending battery life will basically try to figure out which app features are the most demanding and limit them when the battery level is low. However, it is much more complicated than that, so see the xda-developers article for more details.
  • Bluetooth LE audio: The new Bluetooth LE (or LC3) audio codec should result in lower battery consumption and stable connections between your Android device and Bluetooth headphones or earphones. It also supports multiple device connections, which could allow you to stream music, video, or other audio content to multiple sets of headphones so you and your friends can listen at the same time. It is not clear exactly when it will be implemented, but Android 13 seems like a safe bet. Android Police has more details on Bluetooth LE Audio.

According to the xda developers, Android 13 is codenamed “Tiramisu,” in keeping with Google’s long history of desert-themed codenames or “yummy delight.” But the company stopped using those names publicly a while ago, so it’s actually more of a trivia than anything meaningful about the upcoming operating system.

Be sure to check out xda-developers for more screenshots of many of the new features.

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