Sonic Frontiers release date reportedly leaked in PlayStation database

Every time Sega announces a new main Sonic the Hedgehog game, leaks are inevitable. Since Sonic Frontiers was teased in May, the leaks have ranged from title to open world format following the trend set by The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Now the game’s release date has reportedly been leaked into the PlayStation database.

When the trailer for Sonic Frontiers was showcased at The Game Awards, Sega said the game would release around the next holiday season, which hasn’t come as a surprise to anyone for the past decade and a half. However, according to PlayStation Game Size, the Sony-owned gaming giant apparently listed the release date for the PS5 / PS4 version of the game as November 15, 2022.

PlayStation Game Size, who tweeted about the leak, was quick to add that the leaked release date may be a placeholder until Sega schedules the game to come out a little sooner or later. However, fans jumped to the answers with their calculations. Moderate333 He said the November release date “sounds pretty good. Usually if it’s a placeholder date, the date would be the last day of the month, right? ” Nathan beckett he chimed in with, “Tuesday, November, definitely not a placeholder.”

Despite the release of the first Sonic game in the summer of 1991, the main Sonic games that released in November have been something of a Sega tradition for the past 16 years, beginning with Shadow the Hedgehog. Some say November is a safe bet for a Sonic game to launch around that month, considering people rush to buy new games and consoles for their kids from Black Friday through Christmas. Until Sega confirms the legitimacy of the Sonic Frontiers release date, it’s best to take it with a grain of salt.

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