“Star Wars”: The first details of the latest game has been leaked

The Star Wars game is one of the most popular as the show. Now we tell you that the first information about the brand new and last Star Wars game has been leaked. During The Game Awards this month, Star Wars Eclipse was declared and has also been exposed with the CGI trailer.

Admittedly, the CGI trailer hadn’t revealed much about the game, but it already flaunted the High Republic period about the game that took over the spot.

Someone leaked a Star Wars image Star Wars.  There was no sign of anyone who saw that he was a danger to him.

It’s what we all know officially, about the game, and on top of that, it will allow players to shape the story with options, which won’t surprise anyone familiar with the developer behind the game either. .

Game development has been managed by Quantic Dream, and there are the Canadians / French who are constantly putting player choice in the focus of previous games, just like Detroit: Become Human, Heavy Rain, and Beyond. Two souls.

It was reported that the first details of Star Wars Eclipse were leaked

Star Wars: Game Details

In fact, it reveals all the things we know about the game. He said they also have some of the new unofficial information about the game, which comes with the new courtesy of AccNGT, who is the leader to whom the images of the game had been revealed before it was released.

AccNGT reveals that Star Wars Eclipse is primarily an open-world action-adventure game that also has interactive storytelling with lots of multiplayer elements. AccNGT also adds that the game has a true story, it is a very ambitious game that has apparently looked to The Last of us for inspiration. The game has been noted to have a linear storyline, much like the previous game adaptation of Quantic Dream with many playable characters.

More leaked images of Star Wars: First Assault emerge - GameSpot
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The leaker claims that game development has already started, somehow, 18 months earlier and is also using the studio’s in-house engine, which is popularly known for virtual fidelity beyond gaming.

Star Wars RTS Leaked Images Show Advanced Gameplay

It’s all the details that the report shares. As always, what is shared should be taken with the grain of salt. It means that if there has been any kind of comment or response from someone based on the development of the game it has been related to this report.

This game is now in the early stage of development. There is also no word for the release date or even the release window. It has some great platforms, but the responsible and safe guess will be PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X | S.

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