Starfield – Leaked Images Showcase Shiny Assets

star field

Starfield It will be released later this year, and while it will be a few months before we see more, Bethesda has been unraveling details with story-focused teasers and concept art to be released here and there. At the same time, of course, there have also been leaks, and images from a particular 2018 build have been leaked over and over again. Recently, a new batch was leaked once again (via Reddit).

The images show assets from the game, showing more structures and outer space stations, with one image showing a station with a gold dome. You can also see the logo of a company called “Axion Energy”, presumably this will be one of several factions within the game.

Later this year, we will see many more Starfield, with Bethesda currently planning to show more sci-fi RPGs in the summer. The game will be out on November 11 (in what Bethesda looks pretty sure) for Xbox Series X / S and PC.

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