Stranger Things season 4 release date reportedly leaked

Strange things Season 4 is Netflix’s biggest show coming in 2022, but fans still don’t know the release date for the new season of Netflix’s original series.

According to a report by Showbiz CheatSheet, the Strange things Season 4’s launch month could have been accidentally leaked by a Georgia travel company.

He claimed an Instagram post for Georgia Tours Co. Strange things Season 4 will hit Netflix in “July 2022.”

Is this release date real?

Will season 4 of Stranger Things arrive in July 2022?

After seeing what we thought was a very accurate rumor about a May 2022 release date, it seems all signs are pointing to a July 2022 release date for Strange things season 4.

In December, Deuxmoi shared a rumor that the Strange things The release date for Season 4 would be July 1, 2022, which is the Friday before the weekend of July 4, 2022.

As it will be remembered, Strange things Season 3 premiered on Netflix for the weekend of July 4, 2019 and was Netflix’s biggest release at the time. We’ve seen some bigger new releases since then, but Netflix might be trying to recapture some of the 4th of July magic for the new season.

It makes perfect sense to release Strange things season 4 in July 2022. So far, we’ve seen two of the show’s first three seasons on Netflix in July. There is less competition in the world of television at the time, and there is something about binge shows in the summer.

Maybe Strange things is it just a july show now? We will have to wait and see what happens after season 4. We know this is not the last season of the show, but there has been a lot of talk about derivatives. It is not clear what will happen next. We still think Strange things However, season 5 will happen.

The Deuxmoi rumor also mentioned that the season 4 release date would be announced around Christmas. So it looks like we could figure out the release date pretty soon.

Strange things Season 4 is easily one of the best Netflix shows coming in 2022.

Stay tuned for the Strange things season 4 release date.

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