Students ask UGC to Re-conduct NET After Alleged Leak

Ranvijay Singh had his worst nightmare when he learned that the people who run the test centers leaked the exam that made him eligible for the assistant chair he tried. He took the National Eligibility Test (NET) of the University Scholarship Commission (UGC) after an 18-month interval while the country remained locked down due to the coronavirus. The exam in question must be passed by any graduate student who wishes to teach at state and central government universities.

Sharing his trip, Singh, who hails from Amethi in Uttar Pradesh, said that one of his friends informed him that the newspaper was allegedly leaked.

“I come from a peasant family, and my father has been financing my studies and preparations. I have lived in Delhi for the past four years in a rented house. My family and I are enduring hardships in the hope that our misery will end soon. But one fine day, I found out that my article had leaked. All the preparations are in the garbage can now. Both UGC and the National Testing Agency (NTA) are not taking any responsibility, and now there is no solution in sight. Agencies do it. I don’t know how much energy and hope the students put into preparing for these tests ”.

Media reports suggest that the alleged paper leak occurred when the people who run the test centers in Bhiwani and Jind took Rs 3 Lakh / candidate to pass them.

Singh is one of many students who have come to the UGC headquarters in the national capital to show their anguish over the leak.

Standing next to Singh, Vishnu Prabhakar, who also appeared for the test, said NewsClick that students are very aggrieved by the leak. Showing one of the Telegram groups with 12,000 students as members, Prabhakar emphasized that there will be more intensified protests if UGC does not take the issue seriously.

“The NTA has failed time and again to preserve the sanctity of exams. Paper leaks are a constant phenomenon now. I dropped out of science studies and went into Hindi literature just because I loved it. he seems discouraged and disappointed when you see your dreams collapse in front of your eyes, “said Prabhakar.

N Sai Balaji, National President of the All India Student Association (AISA), spoke out against the plan to take the Common Entrance Test to Central Universities (CUCET).

“This NTA cannot even take NET exams, and the government is pushing all universities towards a CUCET! Responsibility for exams should be immediately taken away from the NTA.”

Echoing similar sentiments, Sumit Kataria, President of the Student Federation of India (SFI), said: “There is a long history of paper leaks in Haryana. It is not a new thing. However, filtering NET exams does not it is commonplace. We demand the proper investigation of the paper leaks, a re-examination and due punishment of the culprits behind this. “

The memorandum submitted to the Additional Secretary, UGC by AISA and SFI activists, read: “This is not the first incident in which an examination paper is leaked. Paper leaking has become commonplace under the regime of BJP. Students prepare for years to take exams only to find that the exam question document was leaked. Several states, especially BJP-governed Uttar Pradesh, have also seen several incidents where the question documents are The leak. Since the government has relieved itself of the responsibility and therefore the responsibility to carry out such examinations centrally and pass the buck to the NTA, there have been massive problems. Question papers are leaked periodically , the examination and the declaration of examination results are repeatedly and extensively delayed, but here is the public responsibility in the NTA. UGC, which depends on the Ministry of e Education and therefore has public responsibility, must once again assume the responsibility of conducting the exam. “

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