Students Develop Gas Leakage Alarm ‘Safe Kitchen’ For Safety

New Delhi: With the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) government launching its ‘Business Blasters’ program, students in Delhi schools have shown that they are full of innovative ideas that can make them successful entrepreneurs.

As part of this program, around 3 lakhs of students in classes XI and XII from Delhi’s government-run schools created nearly 51,000 teams and submitted the most business ideas.

The program aims to prepare young entrepreneurs at the school level.

In episode 5 of the startup show, ‘Business Blasters’, students from Government Boys Senior Secondary School in Jharoda Kalan presented their ideas to Delhi’s Senior Deputy Minister Manish Sisodia, Gil Connections founder Ravi Gupta, and Momzjoy co-founder Divya Gupta. .

A team of nine from this school developed a gas leak alarm, “Safe Kitchen”, with seed money provided by the Delhi government as part of this initiative.

Aman, the team leader, came up with this idea to make sure there are no problems related to gas leaks.

“The name of our startup is ‘Safe Kitchen’. Our motto is ‘catch is attention, no knock’ … We often read about gas related accidents in the newspapers. We live in slums and gas-related accidents happen there too, ”Aman said.

The members of this team, who live in slums, are delighted that families in the low- and middle-income groups can easily afford their low-priced product.

“This alarm is on the market, but the price varies between 1,500 and 8,000 rupees. Therefore, lower-middle-class families cannot afford it, ”Aman said.

“The price of our product is 700 rupees. We have spent 596 rupees developing this product,” he added.

Shining light on his product, Aman said: “Suppose there is a gas leak, the sensor will detect the same and there will be an alarm.”

“Now we are working to update our product. We get feedback during our interaction with people. Therefore, we have also planned to repair a battery in our product in the upgrade version, ”he added.

Om, who works as a technician and also handles the account, said they plan to run this business and are currently considering more investments.

“We are promoting our product through social networks to increase sales. Nearby stores have also placed orders for this product. We had submitted our demo piece to IGL. They liked it and asked us to send them 50 pieces. We also guarantee the safety of our product. They did the proper tests and told us that this product is safe, “he added.

Prateek, who deals with social media and sales, said he has backorders and will take care of profits after they are completed.

“We will sell our product in the price range of Rs 1,000 to 1,300 after the upgrade,” he added.

The alarm is available for Rs 700 in the market. Seven alarms have already been sold and 24 orders have been placed.

The team received a fund of Rs 40,000 from the Momzjoy co-founder, in addition to assistance in packaging the product, while the Gil Connections founder gave another Rs 40,000.


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