LastPass Says It Didn’t Leak Your Password

Photo: Leon neal (fake images) Made Last pass get hacked? Multiple users of the popular password manager I recently received emails from the company warning them of suspicious login attempts that used their master password, which is never a good sign. Some users also claimed that they had not shared their password with any other … Read more

Google’s Pixel Watch Just Leaked

Photo: Victoria Song As a long-time Android user, I’ve spent the better part of a decade on the fringes of an entire product category, waiting for a wearable device that could rival the one. Apple watch. From startups to traditional watchmakers, many companies I promised a worthy alternative, only to launch smartwatches with crippling compromises. … Read more

Leak Document Reveals Its Secret

Photo: Martin Bureau (fake images) Among the ongoing cavalcade of legislators and laity concerned about whether the social media algorithms might be rotting the brains of its users, TikTok has faced a great deal of scrutiny, and for good reason. Despite the application use of balloons around the world, with balloons income figures To match, … Read more

Emails Show Florida’s Biggest Utility Drafting Anti-Solar Bill

A worker installs a solar panel on a home in Palmetto Bay, Florida.Photo: Joe raedle (fake images) Public services in Florida, it seems, have been busiest this year writing laws that advance their interests and slow climate action. According to emails obtained by the Miami Herald and FloodlightFlorida Power and Light, the state’s largest utility … Read more