No Way Home’ Pirated Downloads Contain Crypto-Mining Malware

Peter Parker may not be a cryptocurrency intellectual criminal, but the name Spiderman is increasingly becoming associated with the mining landscape. ReasonLabs, a leading provider of cybersecurity detection and prevention software, recently discovered a new way of hacking malware on customer computers in the guise of the latest Spiderman movie. As perhaps the most talked … Read more

14 New XS-Leaks (Cross-Site Leaks) Attacks Affect All Modern Web Browsers

Researchers have discovered 14 new types of cross-site data leakage attacks against various modern web browsers, including Tor Browser, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari, and Opera, among others. Collectively known as “XS-Leaks”, browser errors allow a malicious website to collect personal data from its visitors as they interact with other websites in … Read more

Over 500,000 Android Users Downloaded a New Joker Malware App from Play Store

A malicious Android app with more than 500,000 downloads from the Google Play app store has been discovered to host malware that stealthily filters users’ contact lists on an attacker-controlled server and enrolls users in premium paid subscriptions. unwanted without your knowledge. The latest Joker malware was found in a messaging-focused application called Color Message … Read more