Facebook’s Pushback: Stem the Leaks, Spin the Politics, Don’t Say Sorry – The Wall Street Journal

Facebook’s Rejection: Stop Leaks, Spin Policy, Don’t Say SorryThe Wall Street Journal .

Facebook profits rise amid revelations from leaked documents

SAN FRANCISCO: Facebook announced more than $ 9 billion in quarterly profit on Monday, hours after a U.S. news collective published a flood of devastating reports arguing that the company prioritizes its growth over people’s safety . The social media giant has been battling a new crisis since former employee Frances Haugen leaked scores of … Read more

Facebook Files: ‘Orchestrated’ media campaign behind new leaks, alleges company | World News

Facebook continued its rejection Monday against what it called “mischaracterization” by the media of the “Facebook Archives” series of Wall street journal it states that they allegedly reveal internal documents that hold the company broadly responsible for prioritizing its own growth over user safety. In a carefully crafted response posted from Facebook’s newsroom Twitter handle … Read more

Meta’s leaked internal research on child and teen mental health isn’t the smoking gun we think it is, according to a top scientist

Filtered out Goal research on adolescents mental health It’s not the smoking gun we think it is, said Andrew Przybylski. The scientist told Insider that it could not be considered “damning proof” of the harmful effects of Instagram. When Facebook Whistleblower Frances Haugen leaked an internal Instagram investigation into the platform’s effect on adolescent mental … Read more