panama: Panama Paper leaks: More than Rs 20,000 cr undisclosed credits detected for 930 India-linked entities, says govt

NEW DELHI: India’s Income Tax Department has detected total undisclosed credits worth Rs 20,353 crore for 930 Indian-linked entities in the Panama and Paradise paper leaks, the government reported al Parliament on Tuesday. “Taxes collected so far amount to Rs 153.88 crore in Panama and Paradise Paper Leaks. Additionally, in 52 Panama and Paradise Paper … Read more

Who leaked Panama Papers & Why Is It The Biggest Data Leak In History?

What is Panama Paper Leak Case? An unprecedented escape from 11.5 million secure database files from a well known global legal giant, Mossack fonseca is what was called famous Panama Papers Case. I did not understand? Try reading the article below. In plain language, the Panamanian newspapers exposed the world’s rich and powerful about how … Read more