Leaked Starfield screenshot hearkens back to NASA’s golden age

A recently released Starfield screenshot shows a golden dome straight out of a NASA space station concept. VIEW GALLERY – 2 IMAGES New assets have started to appear from the 2018 Starfield leak, giving players an idea of ​​the overall style, scope, and feel of the upcoming space RPG. Bethesda has been very open about … Read more

NASA Finds ‘Leak’ in Supermassive Black Hole in Milky Way Galaxy

Several researchers who have been investigating the leaks and recently published a study in the Astrophysical Journal detailed that the black hole, which has a mass of 4.1 million suns, is not a sleeping monster either. (Credits: Shutterstock) The Hubble Space Telescope has helped uncover circumstantial evidence that our Milky Way’s central black hole is … Read more