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PUBG Mobile Lite is intended to cater to gamers with low-end devices and provide them with an exceptional gaming experience while having a low hardware requirement. There are several major areas where cutbacks have been made, including reduced lobby size, smaller maps, and more to meet the goal. The last major game update (0.22.0) was … Read more

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PUBG Mobile Lite 0.20.0 APK Link Download: One of the most played games (including its censored Chinese avatar ‘Game for Peace’) is PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile or PUBG Mobile. The game comes with various game modes that players can access for free. The game is best suited for smartphones with capable specs and will ensure a … Read more

PUBG Mobile Lite new 0.22.1 update APK download link for low-end android devices

PUBG Mobile Lite has progressively gained popularity since its launch in 2019, becoming a common choice on the mobile platform. The reputation of the game has grown mainly due to its low device requirements and frequent updates. Over the years, the developers have introduced several new versions that bring unique features. The most recent iteration … Read more

PUBG Mobile Lite latest 0.22.1 update APK download link and new features revealed

Two main factors driving the popularity of PUBG Mobile Lite are the lower device specifications and frequent updates. Users often expect newer versions of the game that add more features along with various unique content. The developers recently introduced an update to the game that introduced version 0.22.1 of the Battle Royale title. Players who … Read more

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PUBG Mobile and BGMI version 1.8 update will hit your game screens in January 2022; you can download your beta files. Krafton developed PUBG Mobile and its Indian version BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India) has a large following in the global gaming community. Since their release, Battle Royal titles have never stopped growing in popularity and … Read more

PUBG Mobile Lite latest 0.22.1 update APK download link and file size revealed

PUBG Mobile Lite players are usually delighted when updates are released because they bring new content to the game. The developers recently made an update to the game in the form of version 0.22.1. It didn’t make many modifications to the Battle Royale title, but it did bring in some unique cosmetic items. Users who … Read more

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PUBG 2 Features Leaked, Players Can Get Tactical Gear – Duffel Bags & Recon Drone, New Reworked Training Mode, New AI Match Mode, And Much More Video game company PUBG has been introducing attractive features that take gamers’ excitement to a higher level. While its free version is being promoted, the company is likely to … Read more

How to download latest PUBG Mobile Lite 0.22.1 update APK file

PUBG Mobile Lite 0.22.1 is the latest version of the Battle Royale game, which was recently made available to players. With the release of this update, the developers have added several new items to the game, including some weapon skins. However, many players are unaware of the steps to take to get the latest version. … Read more