The Top 10 most downloaded social networks in the world in 2021

Are you more of a TikTok or Instagram person? What social network did you turn to in 2021? To see if you were in line with the majority of users, discover the Top 10 most downloaded social networks in the world this year. The Apptopia platform analyzed the most downloaded social networks in 2021 and … Read more

Facebook’s Pushback: Stem the Leaks, Spin the Politics, Don’t Say Sorry – The Wall Street Journal

Facebook’s Rejection: Stop Leaks, Spin Policy, Don’t Say SorryThe Wall Street Journal .

How to download your Instagram Story or someone else’s

You can download Instagram Stories in different ways to save temporary photos and videos for later use. The Instagram mobile app has multiple features that allow you to save your own stories. Third-party websites and screen recording can help you download other people’s stories. The popularity of Instagram gives you a glimpse into the lives … Read more

TikTok Topped the Charts for App Downloads Globally on Christmas Day according to App Annie

Shopee it was ranked n. 8, the highest ranked shopping app worldwide, driven by strong acceptance in India, LATAM and Southeast Asia. Spotify ranked # 9 worldwide in downloads. The music streaming app likely got a boost in demand from its year-end ‘wrapped’ campaign which has been widely shared on social media. In terms of … Read more

Leak Document Reveals Its Secret

Photo: Martin Bureau (fake images) Among the ongoing cavalcade of legislators and laity concerned about whether the social media algorithms might be rotting the brains of its users, TikTok has faced a great deal of scrutiny, and for good reason. Despite the application use of balloons around the world, with balloons income figures To match, … Read more

Leaked TikTok document exposes ‘sad’ secret to addictive feeds

TikTok’s top secret algorithm has finally been revealed, and it is truly depressing. A freshly leaked internal document has offered a new perspective on the disturbing ways that the immensely popular video platform keeps users scrolling, even nudging them into “sad” content. The document, which is said to be called “TikTok Algo 101,” was shared … Read more