How to download masked Aadhaar card

People who are concerned about revealing their Aadhaar number or who wish to hide Aadhaar number details do so by opting for a masked Aadhaar. According to UIDAI, you can mask your Aadhaar number on your downloaded e-Aadhaar using the Mask Aadhaar option. What is masked Aadhaar? Masked Aadhaar numbers are created by replacing the … Read more

How to Download And Save Aadhaar on Your Mobile Phone? Step-by-Step Guide Here

Aadhaar card download: Your Aadhaar card is perhaps the most essential identity card that is required almost everywhere these days. Sometimes you may also need to forward your Aadhaar via WhatsApp or email for some official or government related job. Therefore, it is necessary to have an electronic copy of your Aadhaar at all times, … Read more

Want to Download Aadhaar and Save it on Your Phone? Here’s a Quick Link

The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), the organization that is the backbone behind everything related to Aadhaar, continues to create new facilities to alleviate the problems of users who have Aadhaar cards. Recently, in the face of the pandemic, the UIDAI has announced that Aadhaar card holders can download Aadhaar online anytime, anywhere. For … Read more