Funeral plans for UK queen leaked

LONDON: Leaked documents have revealed for the first time the massive operation that will launch in the hours and days after the death of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II. Details of “Operation London Bridge” were leaked to “Politico,” which reports that officials will refer to the day of the queen’s death as “D-Day.” The monarch will … Read more

British PM under fire over leaked lockdown party video | DW News – latest news and breaking stories | DW

DW News UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson is facing a wave of public anger over a leaked video. The footage shows staff joking about a Christmas party held in Downing Street in December 2020, at the height of the national COVID shutdown. Watch video 02:05 .

UK PM apologises, orders probe into leaked video of Downing Street ‘party’

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was forced to apologize without reservation on Wednesday after an internal Downing Street video leaked showing his press office staff joking about a party in December last year, at one point. where the UK was under strict lockdown rules to protect against COVID. -19 pandemic. Addressing the weekly Prime Minister’s … Read more