Tesla Model 3 And Model Y New Features Leaked

Tesla, as a manufacturer, is famous for offering unique features in its cars. If it weren’t for Tesla, we would never have imagined that almost every function in a car can be controlled by a touch screen system. The brand has integrated the most obvious things into the car’s software, which has resulted in an extreme simplification of its vehicles. Over and over again Tesla has said that it does not believe in launching new car models. All changes and improvements are immediately sent to production. However, in recent years, the brand has included new features and changes that will be implemented during the new year. It appears that the brand also has similar plans for 2022.

Leaked documents

Tesla had submitted new versions of the Model 3 and Model Y for testing to European authorities and these were leaked at the Tesla European Forum. These documents show a wide variety of changes to the two cars and also contain information on production at Tesla’s Gigafactory, Berlin.

New Tesla Features Leaked

These are many changes that await the two cars, some of them are

New Tesla Features Leaked 1

Both the Model 3 and Model Y will now have a 15.5V lithium-ion battery instead of the 12-volt battery. The company plans to incorporate a new infotainment system, which could mean software and / or hardware upgrades. The glass components will be improved and the rear doors will now receive laminated glass to improve soundproofing. A new feature called “Superhorn” combines the horn, alarm and external speaker. Before we could play prerecorded sounds or music outside the car through external speakers to warn pedestrians. This feature is being integrated into the Superhorn.

Improved performance parts

Some changes were also made to the performance parts. The new Model Y performance will now be built with a new AMD Ryzen chip for the MCU. This chip could also reach the Model 3 Performance model. We also got to see a new, higher-performance engine in the Model 3 Performance.

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Tesla model 3 front

Another big change concerns production. As of now, the Model 3 and Model Y are being built in China, but their production will soon move to Gigafactory, Berlin.

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