The Fauci emails available for download – Jerm exposes SA connection, Glenda Gray, and more

The article was first published on June 3, 2021.

Ever since the coronavirus pandemic hit the world, outspoken South African cartoonist Jeremy Nell has mercilessly scoffed (and more) at the official narrative. Questioning the message that Covid-19 was an existential threat to humanity, and the non-negotiable line of the ruling party that the virus had passed from bats to humans through a wet market in Wuhan. Nell’s obsession with uncovering the truth morphed into a total campaign on her Jerm Warfare website that included regular video interviews and podcasts with other skeptics around the world. Due to its defiance of the popular message, Nell’s work was “taken apart” from YouTube and widely criticized by the awakened voices that dominate social media. His perspectives, dismissed by many as the ravings of a conspiracy theorist, are suddenly assuming credibility after a twist in the origins of the virus in the Biden White House, followed by a humiliating downfall by Facebook. Now Jerm is emerging as perhaps one of the few sane voices in the asylum after the forced disclosure of 3,200 emails written by and for Dr. Anthony Fauci, the face of the official coronavirus message. If all the dogs have their day, Jerm seems ready for a long weekend. Here’s his take on Fauci’s now-public emails, including one from an advisor to the SA equivalent of the US President, Dr. Glenda Gray. – Alec Hogg

You can download thousands more Fauci emails here:

From Jerm …

To quote Don McLean,

Now I understand what you tried to tell me
And how you suffered for your sanity, and how you tried to set them free,
They didn’t listen, they didn’t know how,
Maybe listen now.

Yesterday was a great day in the history of this “pandemic.”

Fauci is a liar

Around 3,200 emails were obtained (legally) and released to the public, and were conversations between (mostly) Anthony Fauci and others linked to him. And they are pretty damning.

So damning, in fact, that the White House has gone into damage control mode.

And the release of his next book has been halted globally.

So what’s going on?

There is a lot of reading, obviously. And you can bet thousands of people are checking emails right now. Similarly, thousands of people linked to Fauci are figuring out how to spin everything.

I have uploaded all 3200 emails as a single PDF. You can download it here.

In short, many of the “conspiracy theories” that my podcast guests have said over the past year are turning out to be true. As a result, I have received countless emails and messages from people calling me names like “crazy tinfoil hat” and whatever else. I even have emails telling me to seek psychological help, as well as emails saying I am causing harm by spreading lies.

I shouldn’t say it but I told you

I haven’t read all the emails yet, but here are some interesting findings.

Here we see a discussion, from March 11, 2020, in which they explain how the virus was created in the Wuhan laboratory.

And in this February 2020 email, Fauci states that asymptomatic people cannot spread the virus, which is what my guests (and I) have been saying all along.

In other words, the masks are useless. (That we have known all along).

Here’s an email from April 2020 in which they acknowledge that children don’t need masks and are quite immune to the inflammatory responses supposedly caused by SARS-CoV-2.

See the circled name below?

He turned down an invitation to appear on my podcast late last year. Well actually she first agreed, but declined a day later.

Glenda Gray is one of the advisers to the South African government (Cyril Ramaphosa).

Oh, and remember when Donald Trump recommended HCQ? The mainstream media tried to destroy him for saying that.

Turns out he was right.

Many independent journalists who were silenced and censored by Twitter and Facebook and other mainstream media are now gaining ground.

Will they listen now?

Covid cultists will cover their ears with their fingers and pretend they can’t hear anything. They will still choose to trust the mainstream media and the government.

However, it doesn’t matter, because the truth is coming out (as some of us knew) and it will be part of the next class action lawsuits that Reiner Fuellmich and his team of hundreds of lawyers and scientists are preparing in Germany.

Anthony Fauci will be sued, as will Bill Gates. In fact, many, many people are going to be sued.

But it’s a slow process and it could take years (hopefully) to get them behind bars.

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