The Tomb Raider reboot trilogy is free to download on Epic Games Store

To close out its 15-day celebration of free games, the Epic Games Store is giving away the entire Tomb Raider reboot trilogy. Players will be able to download the full versions of Tomb Raider, Rise of the Tomb Raider, and Shadow of the Tomb Raider for free until January 6, 2022 at 9:30 PM (IST).

The titles come packed with all of their DLC – outfits, additional weapons, side quests, and even include the classic Lara Croft skins from the Playstation 2 era. The reboot brought many new mechanics to the franchise, including a robust crafting system that would allow Upgrade your weapons and create a variety of arrows like Poison, Explosive and Fire variants.

All three games were developed by Crystal Dynamics and reconstruct Lara Croft’s origin through an environment of exploration of survival rather than adventure. It also borrows many elements from the Uncharted game series, and players have a choice between stealth and fired weapons, as well as quick-time event (QTE) melee combat. The games are directly connected to each other and take players on a journey from Japan to Russia to South America, facing off against a secret organization called the Order of the Trinity.

This won’t be the first time Epic Games has offered an entire trilogy for free. In 2019, the company had launched the Batman: Arkham Trilogy up for grabs, which also resulted in multiple app crashes before one could claim their copies. Online users also reported some language errors, where everything would change to Spanish or Chinese at some point. The server overhead has now calmed down and people can download the trilogy with no problem.

The Epic Games Store also hosts an additional winter sale, where you can purchase games at a deep discount. Additionally, the company is offering a $ 10 coupon (roughly Rs 745) to buyers, which can be applied to any purchase they make, adding to the existing price drop. The sale also ends on January 6.


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