Top 5 Free Apps To Download If You Want To Quit Smoking in 2022

Another new year has begun and with it comes many resolutions from people around the world. One of the most common resolutions is undoubtedly to lead a healthier lifestyle and possibly give up habits that are not good for your health. One of the first habits that comes to mind here is smoking and millions of people around the world, each year, decide to quit smoking when a new year begins.

This year would be no different and we think that as people will try to live healthier lives, how can technology be used to help them achieve their goals? Since technology is a huge part of people’s lives, there are ways that technology can help us do basically everything, even if it’s something like quitting smoking. Now even though there is nothing like a nicotine patch as of now, we have a lot of apps that are trying to make sure their users are not smoking or can successfully quit smoking. Let’s take a look at five apps that will help you quit smoking in 2022:

EasyQuit – Available on both iOS and Android, it is highly rated in both app markets. The app comes with features like a memory game to resist cravings, along with something called “Slow Mode” that helps people gradually and slowly quit smoking. The app also offers various tools to track your smoking habits. However, the app has been noted to launch excessive pop-up ads.

Smoke free – Smoke Free offers users personalized advice to quit smoking. There is also a smoke-free community on Facebook to provide support and provides users with research-based techniques and strategies along with support through coaches. The app uses evidence-based behavior change techniques to help users quit smoking.

to cook – Kwit is an application that also encourages its users with motivational cards. The app comes with a custom dashboard that allows you to track your progress and a diary to control cravings. The app is free to download and can be used to quit smoking, reduce the use of nicotine substitutes, and more. Kwit also offers a place to take note of cravings, allowing users to keep track of triggers.

Exit Safe – QuitSure is a custom application designed for users to quit smoking and manage their cravings without the need to chew gum or vaporizers. The app claims to offer a smoke-free experience within six days with no cravings. The developers claim to have a 95 percent success rate with features like personal consultation, techniques for staying smoke-free, and more.

Quit now – QuitNow is an application that invites you to quit smoking. Your goal is to avoid tobacco just by giving you a picture of yourself. This means it gives users 70 goals based on cigarettes they avoided, money saved, and much more.

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