Tory infighting revealed in leaked WhatsApp message as Nadine Dorries is kicked out of MPs’ group for praising Boris

A leaked WhatsApp message has revealed the scale of the Conservatives’ infighting after a bottom-line MP expelled a minister from the group for praising Boris Johnson.

Nadine Dorries, the culture secretary, was fired from the conservative WhatsApp group after defending the prime minister during an exchange about Lord Frost’s resignation as the government’s Brexit negotiator.

In response to Lord Frost’s overnight resignation, MPs described it as a “disaster” and “very worrying” due to his role in representing MPs’ concerns about the direction of government policy. .

“Lord Frost was concerned about the governor’s political direction. So are most conservative supporters,” MP Andrew Bridgen said on the WhatsApp chat group.

Yeovil MP Marcus Fysh called Lord Frost a “hero” for his tough stance on Brexit, while Cotswolds MP Geoffrey Clifton-Brown responded that it was a “new blow to the prime minister.”

Later, Ms. Dorries stepped in to defend Mr. Johnson. She wrote: “The hero is the Prime Minister who delivered Brexit.

“I am aware, as someone said today, that regicide is in the DNA of the Conservative Party, but a little loyalty to the person who won a majority of 83 and achieved Brexit would not be bad.”

Her response sparked a backlash with Steve Baker, the former chair of the Brexit-supporting European Research Group, seemingly removing her from the group.

“Enough is enough,” he wrote, giving himself a thumbs-up emoji after Bridgen said it was “about time, thanks Steve.”


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