Twitter post says leaked date of Clubhouse users up for sale

Once again, there are rumors about a Clubhouse data breach and according to a Twitter user, data comprising 3.8 billion phone numbers of Clubhouse users is available for sale.

According to the tweet, the leaked data includes mobile, landline, private and professional numbers, and the data will be sold through a private auction on September 4, 2021. Those wishing to participate in the auction were asked to leave a comment about the darknet post after which the user would share the link to participate.

“A database of 3.8 billion phone numbers of #Clubhouse users is for sale on #Darknet. It also contains the number of people synced in users’ phone books. Therefore, it is very likely that it will appear in the list even if you haven’t had a Clubhouse Login. #DataPrivacy, “the tweet read.

Clubhouse is a popular audio-only social media app where people come together to talk, listen, and learn from each other in real time. Since its launch in March 2020, Clubhouse was an invite-only app. On July 21 this year, the company removed the ‘invite only’ option, making the app available to all users on iOS and Android platforms.

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Clubhouse did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

In April, a similar rumor emerged of a data breach and the consequent sale of personal information of 1.3 million Clubhouse users, including user IDs, names, usernames, social media identifiers, photo URLs, dates of account creation and information on who nominated the user. to the application on the darknet.

The claims were denied by Clubhouse CEO Paul Davison, who claimed that the report claiming that users’ personal data had been leaked was “false.” Clubhouse’s Twitter account had also issued a statement that read: “This is misleading and false. Clubhouse has not been violated or hacked. The data referenced is all public profile information from our application, as that anyone can access through the app or our API. ”

While a statement from the company on the recent rumors is still awaited, cybersecurity experts have reportedly called it one of the largest data breaches of the year.

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